Rates for ParkandFly at Riga Airport.

The rates are valid from 24.11.2008 and includes daily parking fee, luggage service and the delivering free of charge with Park & Fly Shuttle to Riga International Airport and back to Parking.

from 1st to 10th day   3,50 EUR (2,50 LVL) per day

from 11th to 20th day 3,25 EUR (2,40 LVL) per day

from 21st to 30th day 3,00 EUR (2,00 LVL) per day

from 30 th and more  2,75 EUR (1,75 LVL) per day


Our discount card*

For business and permanent customers we have great offers for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.(50 EUR a month)

Don´t hesitate to call us (+371) 2009 3232

*Discount card can only be used once